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Piko 35028 Radio Control (R/C) Analog Power Set, 5A/120V
Piko 35028 Radio Control (R/C) Analog Power Set, 5A/120V

Piko 35028 Radio Control (R/C) Analog Power Set, 5A/120V

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35028 Radio Control (R/C) Analog Power Set, 5A/120V 
Connect the R/C analog throttle to the transformer and to
your layout, put batteries (not included) in the R/C pocket remote,
and be running trains in minutes.
Simple push buttons on the pocket remote give you simple,
precise control of the speed and direction of your analog DC powered
train, plus emergency stop.
Remote offers up to 60' wireless walk-around range.
8 selectable channels on both the R/C analog throttle
and the pocket remote allow you options
Easy, flexible, powerful, reliable R/C control is here from PIKO for
your Analog DC track-powered layout, indoors or outdoors.
NO LOCO MODIFICATIONS! RUN ANY TRAIN... with a simple pocket remote that controls Speed, Direction, Emergency Stop and Accessories 
35028 R/C Analog DC Track Power Set, 5A 
4.5 Amps Max Continuous DC Track Power
Up to 2 Amps Remote Controlled Fixed DC Accessory Power
5 Amps Total Continuous Output
Simple 4-Button Remote with Over 80' Range
8 Easily Selectable Channels

Provides Analog DC track power with the convenience of walk-around R/C control
5 Amps of Analog DC power for your trains (4A continuous/5A short-term power capacity)
Includes transformer, R/C-operated Analog DC controller, and pocket remote
Controller also provides R/C-operated DC accessory voltage outputs

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