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LGB  50111 & 51070 Power supply  & Throttle
LGB 50111 & 51070 Power supply & Throttle

LGB 50111 & 51070 Power supply & Throttle

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Part Number:UsedLGB 50111
Both units work great. Sold as a set

50111 AC Transformer, 6 Amp, 18 Volt, 110 Volt and LGB 51070  5 Amp Analog Throttle, 5
This high-output AC transformer is the core of the LGB Universal Power program. It provides 6 true amps of AC current for the following systems :
Multi-Train System digital layouts
Traditional analog layouts with the 51079, 52120 and 52121 analog throttles
AC-powered accessories, like switches, signals and street lamps

This 51070 transformer also has the following great features :
Dual, spring-loaded output terminals
Short circuit and overheating protection
LED status indicators
AC input: 110 V AC output: 18 V Amp output: 6.0

Features of this advanced control/throttle :
Increased power and handling
5 amp control for big train operation
Built-in AC/DC conversion for use with any LGB power supply (AC or DC)
Microprocessor technology for sensitive throttle control and a smooth voltage output
Optional wireless operation with 55050/55055
Dual-range throttle knob
Boost button with programmable acceleration
Stop/Halt button with programmable braking
LED indicators
Connectors for wires up to 1.5 mm
Minimal heat generation
Short circuit protection
DC output: 0-24 V
Amp output: 5 A max

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