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K970 A.S.F.® A-3 Ride-Control® 50-Ton Trucks 1 pair

K970 A.S.F.® A-3 Ride-Control® 50-Ton Trucks 1 pair

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The A. S. F.® A-3 Ride Control® 50-ton freight truck was introduced in the 1940 Ft.s and is one of the forerunners of modern freight trucks. Features embodied into this design include a longer spring travel, no spring planks and constant friction control using friction castings in the bolster to dampen excessive lateral roll of the car. These design features allowed for a higher train speed with less danger of derailment than previous designs. ASF® sold over 140,000 sets by 1949. This AAR truck is excellent for modeling the transition era up to 1994 when friction bearings were no longer allowed in interchange service.

Truck Features
All Metal Non-Magnetic 2 Piece Self Equalizing Black Trucks
#960 33 in. Smooth Back All Metal Non-Magnetic Black Wheels with Free Rolling Insulated Axles
Clip on pads & brake rigging
Mounting Adapters for Bachmann, USA Trains, Aristo-Craft, Piko & LGB Included

• Manufactured and assembled entirely in the U.S.A.

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